The companion app for OnHub is now called Google Wifi.
Full access whenever you need it.
The Google Wifi app gives you direct access to your OnHub system from any mobile device. You can make detailed adjustments to nearly any setting, or simply set OnHub up and let it run on its own—simplicity when you want it, access when you need it.
Get the app
Download the Google Wifi app to your Android or iOS device. Then follow the setup steps in the app.
Setup made simple
The app guides you through a simple setup, so you'll be online in just a few minutes.
Change network name and password setup
Quick and easy ways to customize your account.
Dim lights
Adjust OnHub’s lighting array from the palm of your hand.
Prioritize device
Direct more bandwidth to the devices that need it most.
You're always in control
Troubleshoot your network, see who's on it, and even enable a friend to help you remotely when you're away from home.
Google Wifi gives you a comprehensive picture of your Wi-Fi usage and needs. It enables you to see which devices are connected to your network and how much bandwidth each one is using. Remote access also means you can see and manage all these details about your network even when you’re away from home.
The app automatically runs a network check every few days to test the speed of the Wi-Fi connection between OnHub and each device, as well as the speed of the service you’re receiving from your Internet service provider. That means you can identify exactly what’s causing any slowdowns—whether it’s one of your devices or your ISP—and find ways to diagnose and resolve the issue so that you quickly get back to peak performance.
Google Wifi lets you create separate guest networks to provide Wi-Fi access to any device you want to share. Use On.Here to manage all your guest network features. You can also designate a friend or family member as a network manager, enabling them to help take care of your network and device settings and fix problems even if they’re not at home with you.
The app helps you deal with any issues you might have with your Wi-Fi network. Google Wifi can perform connection tests, help identify any problems, and provide simple, easy-to-follow steps that guide you through repair. If you need additional help, Google also provides round-the-clock support over the phone.
You’re ready to go!