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When it comes to Wi-Fi, speed is critical. That’s why OnHub is always working hard behind the scenes to keep your Wi-Fi fast. But if your connection isn’t as fast as it should be, you want to know because we all get that feeling when we see a spinning dial appear.

That's when Network Check is helpful. If your connection slows down—and it's getting in the way of things like streaming Netflix or playing video games—you can run a Network Check to measure your upload and download speeds and see how they impact what you're doing online.

But if you don’t know the “normal” speed of your Internet connection, how do you know when there’s a problem? Today, we’re introducing a new feature, Network Check History, to help fix this. And, because we love fast Wi-Fi as much as you do, we’re also bringing Automatic Band Steering to your OnHub to help your devices choose speedier connections.

Network Check History

Network Check History is a new feature within the Google Wifi app that shows you the results of Network Checks your OnHub has run over the past 60 days, as well as your average speeds from those tests. OnHub will automatically run a Network Check every few days to check your Internet connection for you. Network Check History includes results from both automatic Network Checks and Network Checks you have triggered through the Google Wifi app.

Comparing the results of these tests allows you to view the speeds, and therefore, the stability, of your Internet connection over time. So if you ever find yourself wondering, “Is this connection really slow, or is it just me?” your OnHub will be able to tell you for sure. You can also diagnose and fix speed-related problems faster. And if your Internet Service Provider asks you for details, you’ll easily be able to provide them with the right information. Make sure you have the most recent version of the Google Wifi app for Android or iOS and then learn how to view your Network Check History.

Automatic Band Steering

In addition to Network Check History, we’re also launching Automatic Band Steering, which guides your individual phones, tablets and computers to connect to the faster band, either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. This helps improve speed for devices as well as network performance as a whole. Many Wi-Fi-connected devices don’t automatically select the fastest available connection, so starting today we’ve made sure that OnHub takes care of this for you—giving you even better Wi-Fi speed on every device.

We’re continually finding new ways to improve Wi-Fi speed and performance. Be sure to check back for more updates in the coming months.