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OnHub isn’t like other routers. Not only does it support super fast Wi-Fi and is easy to set up, but it also has software that updates itself regularly. This way, you can can get automatic security updates as well as new features that make OnHub even smarter and better. Over the last few months, we’ve updated OnHub to support Guest Wi-Fi, the innovative On.Here interface, and automatic band steering. Today, we’re excited to announce that OnHub is the first router to support IFTTT.

IFTTT (pronounced like “gift” without the “g”) is a service that allows you to create simple commands, called “Recipes,” to control and automate basic tasks and devices in your home.

Keep track of your loved ones by receiving automatic notifications when a mobile device connects or disconnects from your OnHub network. Prioritize certain devices whenever they connect, to ensure your most important tasks get the Wi-Fi they need. And since OnHub supports up to 100+ devices at a time, such as speakers, phones, tablets, lights, Chromecasts, and Nest thermostats, you can create Recipes to control these devices and seamlessly connect them to the hundreds of products and services that support IFTTT.

These are just a few ideas, but we wanted to put creative control over OnHub and IFTTT directly in the hands of OnHub owners. So we challenged brothers Kyle and Brendan to come up with the most useful recipes they could think of using OnHub and IFTTT, and they shared their results with us in this video below.

To create Recipes for things you would like to happen automatically, just register and login at (it’s free) and connect to the OnHub channel. Then start cooking up the Recipes that serve you best. Because OnHub on IFTTT works with so many products and services, there are lots of options for Recipes you can create.

For example, say you want to know when your child gets home from school. You would set up a Recipe that says, If my child’s device connects to my OnHub, Then send me an email. That’s it. Your child gets home, their device connects, and you get an email. Other possibilities include: turn the lights on automatically when you walk in the door, prioritize your Nest Cam when it senses motion or sound, or send a notification when your child’s phone is in use.

Want movie night to go off without hitch? OnHub’s device prioritization feature can also be automated—just create a recipe that prioritizes Chromecast for speedy streaming. To learn more about IFTTT’s capabilities, see our help center article here.

Now that you’ve seen what’s possible, we’ve got a challenge for you. What can you do with OnHub and IFTTT? Over the next four weeks, IFTTT is hosting a challenge. Tweet your OnHub Recipe suggestions to @IFTTT on Twitter and you could win a whole bundle of free gadgets, including a new OnHub, WeMo switches, Nest cams, and more. See more details here.