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Last month, My Mini Factory, the world’s leading curated social platform for 3D printable objects, launched the Google OnHub 3D Printing Design Competition. The challenge gave makers the opportunity to create a customized 3D printable shell for the OnHub from TP-LINK, and submit their unique design for a chance to win a brand new OnHub from Google (valued at $199.99 each).

Artists, designers, and makers from around the world downloaded the OnHub Maker Packet with 3D files, patterns, and design specs. Their designs ranged from a model of the leaning tower of Pisa to a mini rocket ship, and were imaginative, creative, and inspirational! We’d like to extend our congratulations to all of the talented artists who shared their visions for home internet that looks like the home. You can see their designs here.

We’re happy to announce two winners, determined by popular vote:

OnHub Internet Well

Dan Porter, from San Francisco, CA, created an OnHub shell shaped like a wishing well. Like a well provides fresh water in a central location, Porter was inspired by the vision of OnHub serving as a central resource for a home’s Wi-Fi. The OnHub well is complete with a miniature bucket suspended by a string.


James M. Drachenberg, from Phoeniz, AZ, built an OnHub shell inspired by the plastic building system he’s loved since childhood: legos. Drachenberg printed individual building “bricks” and assembled them into his OnHub shell. The bricks are interchangeable as well as compatible with traditional legos.

Congratulations to the winners—your new OnHubs are on the way!

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or an at-home hacker, if you’re inspired to make your own shell for OnHub, the design files are always available for download on the OnHub Makers site.