Better connectivity meets forward-looking features.
Whether you simply want fast, reliable Wi-Fi you never need to worry about, or want to manage every aspect of your home network, OnHub gives you the capabilities you’re looking for in a sleek design. Plus, it automatically updates to ensure it always feels new.
What's New
A year ago, we introduced OnHub — a router that’s easy to use, and built to be placed front and center in homes (where Wi-Fi works best). Since then, we've been busy delivering on our promise that OnHub keeps getting better.
Features you’ll love.
Designed with you in mind
The Google Wifi app makes it easy to set up and manage OnHub from your iPhone or Android device. You can adjust settings, test connections, prioritize devices, and troubleshoot network issues even when you’re on the go. And with the ability to assign guest managers, you can give and receive network help from friends and family, no matter where they are. Learn more about what Google Wifi can do.
More antennas, better coverage
While most routers only have two antennas, OnHub from TP-LINK comes equipped with 13. They’re set in a unique circular pattern that extends optimal Wi-Fi coverage across multiple directions throughout your home. That means you’ll benefit from faster, more stable connections in the house.
Smart lighting in any room
OnHub now syncs with Philips Hue, the leading dynamic home lighting system. This new feature allows you to change your Philips Hue lights using your wireless network, and control your lighting from any computer, tablet, or mobile device without downloading an app. Type On.Here in any browser to get started.
Guest network creation
Visit On.Here to easily create and manage guest networks for any devices you want to share, set different levels of access for everyone on those networks, and enable guests to share on your devices. After you set up a guest network, your visitors will also be able to adjust your home’s Philips Hue lights directly from On.Here.
OnHub is the first router that supports IFTTT, which lets you create simple commands to automate basic tasks and devices in your home. Design your own “Recipes” to automatically modify lighting, smartphones, Nest thermostats, Chromecasts, and hundreds of other devices and services that use IFTTT.
Express yourself with emoji
Tired of having to use a boring name for your network? With OnHub, you can now express yourself and your household’s creativity by using emoji in your network name. Just go to the Settings menu in your Google Wifi app, select “Hardware,” choose your OnHub, and select “Device Name” to start editing.
Check your network
OnHub regularly performs a Network Check to evaluate the speed of the connection between your devices and the speed delivered by your Internet service provider. This helps you quickly identify anything that might be slowing down your Wi-Fi network.
Prioritizing devices
The Google Wifi app allows you to prioritize a specific device on your network to ensure it gets the fastest possible Wi-Fi speed. OnHub allocates more bandwidth to your priority device so you can upload a file faster or get smooth streaming when watching your favorite show.
Customize names for each device
When you’ve got a lot of devices simultaneously connected to your network, it can be tough to keep track of them all. That’s why OnHub lets you create a custom name for every device, making it easier to prioritize which ones get the fastest Wi-Fi speed.
Congestion-sensing antenna
High traffic on a single channel can slow down Wi-Fi speed, so OnHub regularly scans the environment and switches to a different channel if it detects interference from other devices. You’ll spend less time waiting and more time streaming, sharing, and downloading.
Automatic band steering
OnHub operates on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands, and it uses automatic band steering to switch devices to whichever band is faster. This boosts connection speed and improves network performance as a whole. Most devices can’t switch automatically, so OnHub does it for them.
Boost speed with a wave of the hand
With OnHub from ASUS, you can increase Wi-Fi speed for a specific device simply by passing your hand over the top of your OnHub unit. That means the devices that require more bandwidth--whether they’re streaming, downloading, or uploading--can get a boost whenever they need it.
Stronger security
Network security is critical, and that’s why OnHub won’t activate unless it’s running trusted software that’s been verified by Google. That ensures your network and anyone who uses it stays safe.
High-tech meets high-art
OnHub isn’t just a router – it’s a work of art. That’s why we launched OnHub Makers, a partnership with artists and designers from around the globe, to create eye-catching and imaginative designs for OnHub from TP-LINK. Check out these inspiring creations at the Maker Gallery.
Select your own style
OnHub works best when it’s placed out in the open, so unlike other routers, it’s designed to be a stylish, sophisticated addition to your home. With OnHub from TP-LINK, you can choose from three customized shells to complement your home’s décor. They’re currently available in white and gold, black and silver, and natural bamboo.
Next-gen compatibility
OnHub uses Bluetooth Smart to pair with devices longer while using less power. With 802.15.4 support built-in, OnHub is prepared to connect with smart home products. And it’s ready for Weave, a new technology that allows device setup from your smart phone. OnHub keeps you equipped for the latest emerging technologies.
Password sharing
OnHub makes it simple to change your password to something secure and easy to remember, allowing you to quickly connect a new device to your network. Plus you can text friends your password so they can join easily too.
Control with a wave of your hand
In a busy home, people stream movies, play music, or upload files to the cloud all at the same time. That means some devices need more bandwidth than others, so wave control allows you to boost Wi-Fi speed for any specific device simply by passing your hand over the top of OnHub.
Tech Specs
Size and weight
Size 7.94in x 5.03in x 5.20in
Weight 1.66lb
Color Slate Gray
Proximity Sensor
Front-facing antenna
Lighting Subtle lighting on the base (single tri-color LED)
Congestion Sensing Radio
CPU Dual core each up to 1.4GHz
e-MMC flash 4GB
Memory 1GB
Ports 1x WAN, 1xLAN, 1x USB 3.0
Speaker (used in setup process)
NOR Flash 8MB
Trusted platform module Infineon SLB 9615
Electrical and environmental requirements
DC in <19V*1.75A
AC in 100~240V 50~60Hz
Operating temperature ranges 0-40°C
Operating humidity 0-90% humidity; non-condensing
AUX Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 1x1
Ethernet Switch QCA8337 Gigabit sw
Connectivity AC1900
Wireless Support IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
2.4 & 5GHz Wireless Dual concurrent 3x3 with Smart Antenna
WAN Port 1x 10/100/1000 Mbps
LAN Port 1x 10/100/1000 Mbps
Thread (coming soon) 802.15.4 Conformance
Bluetooth Smart Ready
802.15.4 Ready
Weave Ready
Wireless Security WPA2-PSK
TPM (trusted boot)
Warranty 2 years
iOS & Android App
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